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Italian marinated olives

Never buy from the deli counter again with this simple recipe for sweet and herby antipasti olives, ideal for nibbling with a glass of Amarone.

Serves 2

  • 220g of different types of Italian olives (from Cerignola, Gaeta and Taggiasche)

  • ½ a lemon (zest)
  • 30g oranges sliced and cut into halves

  • 20g sundried tomatoes

  • 20g celery, chopped 

  • 400ml Extra virgin olive oil

  • Handful of Parsley

  1. Take the collection of different types of olives and mix with the lemon zest, orange slices cut in half (peel included), sundried tomatoes and celery. 

  2. Pour over the olive oil and place into a jar.

  3. Close the jar and let the olives rest for a day.

  4. Add a granishing of fresh fresh parsley to finish and serve.

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