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The beautiful landscapes of Southern Italy 

Here are some top locations to visit


If you want the prettiest landscapes in all of Europe, Italy is your best bet. With anything from gorgeous manmade towns to towering mountains and volcanoes, you’ll hit a home run anywhere you go. We‘ve picked a diverse list of five areas around Southern Italy, or Mezzogiorno as it’s traditionally named which literally translates to midday. The five regions that make up the area are Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, Apulia and Sicily and we’ve picked out a place to visit in each.


Campania: Bay of Naples

Forming a natural Amphitheatre, the Gulf of Naples is an iconic representation of the Italian Riviera. Visit one of the many gelateria on the Porticciolo (marina) at Mergellina for some of the tastiest gelato in the southern region.


Calabria: Cosenza Old Town

The old town is stacked atop a steep hill and has a totally different atmosphere from the modern Cosenza below. Time-warped and romantically disheveled, its dark weathered alleys are full of drying clothes on rusty balconies, old curiosity shops and the freshly planted shoots of an arty renaissance.


Basilicata: Appennino Lucano-Val d’Agri-Lagonegrese

The area has been well-known over the years for offering some of the most awe-inspiring views of the surrounding countryside. The mountains are covered with beech trees and the white poplars only add to the beauty of the forests in the region. The wide open pasture lands and meadows are also commonly found throughout the park giving the area a serene feel.


Apulia: The Trulli of Alberobello (Unesco World Heritage Site)

The trulli, limestone dwellings found in the southern region of Puglia, are remarkable examples of drywall (mortarless) construction, a prehistoric building technique still in use in this region. The trulli are made of roughly worked limestone boulders collected from neighbouring fields. They feature pyramidal, domed or conical roofs built up of corbelled limestone slabs.


Sicily: Mount Etna

The ominous Mount Etna sits on the horizon, the tallest active volcano in Europe. For those brave enough to trek closer to the crater, 4x4 excursion tours run daily to explore the unique scenery surrounding the volcano. If not, a glimpse of the iconic volcano can be seen from every direction.  

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