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World Pasta Day

Celebrate the world’s favourite Italian food! 


One of our favourite days of the year, World Pasta Day was started in 1995 and is celebrated annually across the globe. This year it falls on October 25th and we’re gearing up for yet another pasta filled day to celebrate the Italian staple.


Pasta dates back as far as the 12th Century in Italy and is now available with hundreds of types, stats show there are over 350 types with thousands of names for each over the regions. The rumour is that Marco Polo discovered pasta in Asia and brought it to Italy, however there is no proving this whatsoever and the origins remain as ambiguous as ever. Even so, pasta has remained an Italian staple for centuries.


Whether your favourite is lasagna, tortellini, ravioli, spaghetti, tagliatelle or any other, World Pasta Day is a great excuse to treat yourself to an indulgent Italian meal to celebrate. Our favourite is to share a big plate of pasta from Giovanni Rana. We’d recommend our Italian Indulgence Crumbly Ricotta, Shredded Spinach and Mascarpone Large Ravioli. Why not try our recipe of ravioli with flaked almonds?


Buon appetito and happy World Past Day to all! 


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