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The art of dressing pasta with sauce

Just a little will do...


All kinds of pasta have their own unique flavours, especially the filled varieties such as ravioli and tortelloni. For this reason, in order to dress pasta dishes like a true Italian, it is vital that a minimal amount is used. A lot of home cooks douse a dish in sauce, which is not necessarily the most traditional way to enjoy pasta.


Starting at the most fundamental level, the sauce for a dish should usually be prepared before the pasta. This ensures that the pasta is fresh and warm when serving. Another secret is to add a little bit of the starchy water which the pasta was cooked in to add flavour to the sauce. Dressing the pasta should be viewed as lubricating the pasta as opposed to suffocating it with the sauce. Topping in moderation is key to achieving the right pasta to sauce ratio.


Once you have drained the pasta, add it to the sauce; the starch will help the sauce to combine well with the pasta and stick to it perfectly. A great way to give a creamy thickness to your sauce is mantecare, which is the Italian saying for ‘to cream’ or ‘to make smooth’. This thickens the sauce and allows it to stick to your pasta more efficiently.


Don’t let sauce overpower the flavour of Italy’s finest pasta and dress your supper like a professional Italian chef!


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