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Alba’s White Truffle Market

From the 8th October, the 86th edition of The White Truffle Market in Alba will be open for 8 weeks as a place to come and find out everything there is to know about the popular ingredient, with only the best of the best being sold and showcased.


As truffles only grow for a few months of the year, the nation treasures them as one of the most luxurious ingredients to cook with. Henceforth every year the Alba White Truffle Market pays homage to them! Vendors will be on site at the market selling their homegrown truffles giving customers and visitors a chance to browse all kinds of white truffle. Sellers will compete fiercely for the title of the largest and heaviest truffles. In the past the biggest truffles have sold for more than €5,000!


The market also houses the AlbaQualità food and wine exhibition with wines from the Langhe and Roero regions. Cheeses and pastas are also part of the collection of Alba’s best products.


As the market only runs from October through to November, be sure to visit Alba for a taste of the tastiest truffles of Italy!

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