Our Italian Kitchen Table

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Italian craft beverages

Some of the finest craft from Italy


Craft drinks have taken the world by storm. We’ve picked a few of Italy’s that have made a huge impact over the past decade.


Birrificio Barley – The brewery was founded in 2006 and is known for its high quality produce. With the refined taste of a fresh craft beer, Birrificio Barley is produced in Sardinia’s capital of Cagliari.


Hibu – An artisanal beer created by an agricultural business and founded in 2007, Hibu is made in Burago di Malgora in the region of Brianza. Raimondo Cetani’s inspiration for Hibu comes from a love for travel and an appreciation for good food. There are 16 beers in catalogue focusing on a full taste experience.


Nora – This spiced beer is an Egyptian ale and partners well with our filled pastas. Its warm notes are complemented by a ginger, citrusy tang which also goes well with antipasti such as cured meats and cheeses. Make sure to pick up a bottle to swig at with your supper.

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