Our Italian Kitchen Table

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Italian Harvest

Italy grows some of the finest produce!


The Italian summer climate is the perfect environment for growing the best fruit and vegetables. Here are some of our favourite and most versatile fruits of Italy and some ideas on how you can use them in your home cooking!


Grapes – There are over 1,000 varieties of grapes which grow in Italy, most notably Sangiovese, Chianti, and Montepulciano. Partner with tomato or meat based pasta dishes or roast lamb with rosemary.


Lemons – The intense citrus of lemons is used for a number of tarts such as crostata alla crema di limone and is also found sliced and placed in cocktails to add freshness. The finest lemons are used to infuse alcohol, producing the renowned Limoncello which is popular across all of Italy.


Figs – These are a versatile base for Italian dining. Figs are often paired with cheese or prosciutto. Their sweet flavour also goes perfectly with desserts, tarts and cakes not only in Italy but across the continent.


Tomatoes – Of course this fruit is commonplace in Italian cooking and acts as a base to a variety of recipes from pizzas to pasta. They are also a key ingredient to our Sun Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone and Tomato & Basil sauces. Plum tomatoes are the most common for making sauces in batch, but many authentic Italian chefs commend San Marzano tomatoes for their fuller flavour.


Quince – Quince is commonly found as Mostarda di frutta, where quince jam is mixed with candied fruit with the addition of spices such as mustard and cayenne pepper. Mostardo di frutta is often paired with cheese or cooked meats.


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