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Three key ingredients for cooking in September

Want to know the freshest produce that you can get your hands on this month? We’ve got the top three ingredients in season for September with a few recipe suggestions for supper over the next few weeks!


Celery – Celery is commonly eaten in pinzimonio, where vegetables are dipped in olive oil and garnished with salt and pepper. It is also one of the core ingredients for making a battuto alongside carrots and onions, which serves as a base of many Italian sauces, soups and casseroles with a flavour so deep, some compare it to a meat based sauce. Battuto can be used to make a mighty Bolognese sauce as well as a collection of others with the option to get creative with flavours!


Porcini mushrooms - These mushrooms are great preserved in oil, frozen or even dried. Popular cooking methods include grilling with a sprinkling of Parmigiano Reggiano, frying or including them in a recipe for a number of sauces with tagliatelle. Feeding Time Blog features a fantastic Bistro Mushrooms on Toast recipe using porcini mushrooms and our Porcini Mushroom Sauce alongside three other recipes using our Sun Ripened Tomato & Mascarpone sauce in her ‘Pasta Hacks with Giovanni Rana’ article.


Onions – The versatile vegetable forms the base of many sauces and is another central ingredient for battuto alongside celery and carrots. For a fresh dish this September be sure to pull together an onion-based Genovese sauce which goes fantastically with penne pasta. To add flavour to your dish, Sauté onions at the start of your cooking next time you take to the stove! 


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