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Visit Capri

One of the smallest, prettiest islands in Italy!


Just off the west coast of Sorrento, this Mediterranean island is small, but rich in history. For years, the island has been visited by intellectual artists and writers who have been attracted by Capri’s natural beauty and serenity. The climate is slightly milder than other regions in southern Italy and is the perfect place to spend the summer months for a relaxed holiday without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of tourist hordes.

Capri is full of striking natural beauty. The Faraglioni, one of the island’s most famous sights, is a cluster of oceanic rock, eroded over centuries into pillars which line the coast. We recommend taking a boat trip out to the sea to catch a glimpse of the rocks with a backdrop of the beautiful island.

The Blue Grotto is another natural wonder of the island. The sea cave is illuminated through an underwater cavity in the rocks, allowing light to refract into the cave and give the spot a blue hue. The area is known to have been a Roman bathing spot and is accessible by row boat for the public to enjoy.

If panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea are what you’re after, there’s no better place in Italy than Monte Solaro. Take the cable car to the summit where you can view the Faraglioni and the distant sights of the Calabria Mountains in the distance.

For a dose of local culture, head to La Piazzetta where a number of cafés and bars can be found to grab a relaxing drink. Most are open to around 2am so you won’t be rushed away in any time! It’s popular with local residents who tend to gather there at breakfast and again at the end of the day.

If you are looking for some R&R, Capri is the perfect place to visit. We recommend visiting mid-September for milder temperatures and an enjoyable stay!


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