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Six Celebrities you didn’t know are Italian

Some may call it star quality, we call it Italian heritage! Take a look at some of the most famous celebrities you never knew were Italian:


Ariana Grande – Although standing at the forefront of American pop music, the bubbly chart-topper is 100% Italian, with family origins stemming from Sicily and Abruzzo.


Quentin Tarantino – Quentin’s father is Italian-American. The Tarantino family moved to America when he was just 4 years old and have lived there ever since.


Zachary Quinto – The actor who plays the villainous ‘Sylar’ in Heroes was born to Italian-American father Joseph. The family had moved to the US before he was born.


Serge Pizzorno – Kasabian’s iconic guitarist has roots in Genoa, where his grandparents lived before the family moved across to the UK where Serge would grow up.


Lady Gaga – The singer may have been born in New York, but is of Sicilian and French-Canadian descent!


Madonna – Her full name is Madonna Louise Ciccone. Madonna’s grandparents were immigrants from Pacentro in Italy before the family moved to the US and seeing their ‘Little Nonni’ blossom into an international superstar!

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