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Ypsigrock Music Festival 2016

When it comes to festival-going this August, you could arm yourself with a pair of wellies, a cagoule and embrace the mud in the British countryside… or you could hop on a plane and rock out in the Italian sunshine at Ypsigrock! 


This boutique festival is held in the striking castle Castelbuono, located in the medieval town of the same name in Sicily.  The festival is held every August and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  There are several stages set up within the castle, with a varying range of eclectic bands to enjoy.  While the festival is small, the line up is always impressive with mainly Indie and rock bands. This year, international stars such as The Vaccines, Daughter and Savages feature on the bill.  The medieval castle provides a unique backdrop for the festival, surrounded by Sicily’s highest mountain range, the Madonie too. 


Castelbuono was built in the 14th Century by Count Francesco of Ventimiglia.  Since the castle’s initial erection, additions were made to the main building through the ages.  Both Norman and Arabian architectural styles can be seen, adding to the castle’s distinctive look.

For the full festival experience, stay at the Ypsigrock campsite 6.5 kilometers from the castle; it’s about a fifteen-minute walk from the show. There’s parking, free water and also a shuttle bus to the festival if you’d prefer.  If you don’t feel like camping there’s lots of guest houses, hotels and apartments in the area, check out the Ypsigrock website for more information.


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