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Top Italian Art Exhibitions

Treviso: The History of Impressionism


Renowned Italian art specialist, Marco Goldin has curated an exhibition dedicated to the Impressionist movement, at the Musei di Santa Caterina, Treviso.  We recommend booking a ticket this summer to avoid missing out on this hotly anticipated exhibition.  What’s more it gives you another reason for a short city break back to the city in October!



Enjoy over 120 works of Impressionist art, including pieces from Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh and Gaugin.  Goldin is a heavyweight in the Italian art world, with 400 exhibitions under his belt.  The collection opens with art works from the pre Impressionist era, to give context to the story and demonstrate the extent of the originality of the Impressionist masters.  The exhibition is divided into nine chapters, make sure you take enough time to view the whole thing, we would recommend at least half a day. Book a ticket this summer to avoid missing out on this great city break!


Storie dell’Impressionismo “History of Impressionism”

Treviso, Musei di Santa Caterina

October 29 2016 – April 17 2017




Milan: Joan Miró: The Force of Matter


Take a trip to Milan’s Museum of Culture, MUDEC, to see over 100 works by iconic Spanish artist Miró. Miró was the consummate artist, creating sculptures, prints and paintings throughout his career using a wide range of materials.


The collection features pieces created by Miró between the years of 1931 and 1981 and includes some of his most famous surreal works. Miró challenged preconceived artistic conventions not only with the materials he chose to work with but also with the fusion of poetry and text.


Joan Miró: The Force of Matter


May 25 – September 11




Rome: The Art of Mercy


A collection of late antique and medieval artworks are on show at the Musei Capitolini in Rome, depicting the theme of Mercy.  Engravings, paintings, miniatures and sculptures are included in the exhibition of mainly religious works as dictated by the age in which they were created.


The Art of Mercy

Musei Capitolini, Rome

31st May – 27th November



Florence: Jan Fabre: Spiritual Guards


Wander into the Piazza della Signoria and you will be greeted by an astonishing new sculpture that sits alongside Michelangelo’s David.  A giant bronze turtle, by Jan Fabre, with a man sitting on his shell in a saddle dominates the square.  The juxtaposition with the famous renaissance works brings a further element of theatricality to the installation.  The rest of the exhibition, housed in the Musei Palazzo Vecchio is just as surreal, with pieces created using Scarab beetle shells.


Spiritual Guards

Forte Belvedere

May 14 2016 – October 2 2016



Ferrara: Orlando Furioso: 500 Years


Orlando Furioso is an Italian epic poem written by Ludovico Ariosto during the Renaissance in 1532.  The poem tells the story of a knight during the war between the Christians and Saracens during the building of the Christian Empire.  The poem’s themes include war, love and chivalry and it’s considered one of the greatest Italian renaissance works. 


The exhibition at Palazzo Diamanti includes a collection of artworks that might have influenced Ariosto’s composition of his poem.  It commemorates the 500th anniversary of the epic and leads the visitor through a compelling journey of historical images including works from Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Michelangelo and Raphael.


Orlando Furioso: What Ariosto Saw When He Closed his Eyes

Palazzo Diamanti

September 24 2016 – January 2017


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