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Trendy Italian cocktails

Over the years, Italy has introduced some of the world’s most famous drinks that you’ll always see making an appearance on the menu. Here’s five classic Italian cocktails and simple measurements to make your own at home.


  • Negroni – A highly sophisticated aperitif cocktail. A Negroni is refreshingly bitter and typically served on the rocks. To make, mix with one-part gin, one-part Campari and one-part vermouth and serve in a tumbler with a spiral of orange peel. 

  • Bellini – This classic was invented in 1934 in Venice. To make this sparkling cocktail, add fresh peach juice to a Champagne flute of Prosecco.

  • Martini – Perhaps the most iconic of the Italian cocktails. To mix, pour two parts gin and one-part dry vermouth. Serve in a cocktail glass with an olive.

  • Aperol Spritz – A massively popular summer drink which is light and mildly alcoholic. Take two parts Prosecco, one-and- a-quarter-parts Aperol and top with a splash of soda. Serve in a tumbler with ice and a slice of orange peel.

  • Americano – An Americano was first served by Gaspar Campari in the 1860s and consists of one-part vermouth, one-part bitter Campari and a splash of soda water, decorated with a radial slice of orange.


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