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10 ways you know you’re embracing Italian culture

Without realising, you may have recently picked up a few habits from the influential culture of Italy, incorporating Italian food into your weekly menu and becoming a coffee connoisseur. Here are a few tell-tale signs to look out for to see if you are one of many to take a lot more from your trip than just a collection of gifts and edible treats, but an element of personality itself.


1. Insisting that your pasta be cooked al dente

Like a true Italian, you need your pasta to have a depth of bite to it. Overcooked just doesn’t cut it, and you pedantically  time your pasta to perfection.


2. Opting for prosecco over champagne

This has now become your go-to celebratory bubbly to bring to the table given any excuse to tipple amongst friends and family with an essence of class.


3. Serving antipasti at dinner parties

Because miniscule canapes are out, and antipasti boards are in. You’ll be drawing together breads and a selection of prosciutto for nibbles to whet your appetite.


4. You only eat thin crust pizzas

None of that thick crust nonsense. You appreciate the elegance of a crisp flatbread base subtly topped with a mix of tomato, a sprinkling of oregano and mozzarella in moderation as it was intended. You’ll always favour a Margherita over a pepperoni pizza.


5. Coffee, and only coffee, is your breakfast

Because life is too hectic to constantly brew and sip on macchiatos. Where you can, you’ll make up for the lack of coffee pit stops with a mug of black as a pick me up. For the most part, a caffeine injection in the morning is all you need to keep you going until lunch.


6. Eating dinner at later times of the evening

Swamped with work, you’ll arrive home with countless domestic chores to conquer before actually being able to piece together a meal by 9pm. So much so that you’ll still be fixing something together when your friends invite you out for drinks.


7. You find it difficult to refrain from including olive oil every time you cook

You’ll add a healthy splash of extra virgin onto almost every meal from salads, pastas, meats and breads.


8. The word ‘bread’ is too broad for you to comprehend

Foccaccia? Bruschetta? Ciabatta? Friselle? Ciambella? Be more specific, please.


9. Pork will become your meat of choice

Who came up with the old stereotype of everything tasting like chicken? This certainly doesn’t. Prosciutto is far superior.


10. You favour raw cheese as opposed to melted

With the exception of parmesan so finely grated that it embeds itself into your food, the likes of creamy burrata, matured formaggio di fossa and the more pungent gorgonzola appeal to you for their breadth of flavour.

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