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The Umbria Jazz Festival

One of the largest jazz festivals in the world finds itself in Perugia


Since 1973, The Umbria capital of Perugia has housed the Umbria Jazz Festival every July, one of the largest jazz festivals across the globe attracting 200,000 people each year. Locals and tourists come together in an appreciation of improvised music. The city almost becomes a small musical village with everyone getting involved to celebrate jazz.

The event typically lasts ten days with a selection of internationally recognised artists performing at the show. Superstars who have previously attended the festival include the likes of Miles Davis, Eric Clapton and James Brown. The festival has expanded its horizons by recently including artists outside of the jazz genre such as Van Morrison, Elton John and Phil Collins.

The city comes to life in celebration of the music genre across the capital, with not only main acts performing at venues dotted around the city, but small concerts at the city square also run throughout the course of the ten days. Some of the hottest locations to catch some live music include the Piazza IV Novembre or the Roman theatre in Gubbio.

The success of the first festival was almost unprecedented, leading to a lack of security stability and organisation. Since then, the festival has grown hugely and is regarded as one of the best musical events in the continent. This year’s event runs from 8th-17th July, featuring Mika, Allan Harris and Buddy Guy. Be sure to keep an eye out for the scoop on this year’s event!

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