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A taste of Italian food in London

Our favourite street food stalls in the capital


Looking for a wholesome yet hasty lunch to squeeze in between meetings on a weekday in the hustle and bustle of London? We completely understand the need to grab an authentic Italian bite to satisfy your Italian cravings during the week, so we’ve been around the city finding the best street food stalls serving up perfect dishes for you all to enjoy in your lunch hours! Here are but a few of our favourites:


Anna Mae’s – Anna Mae’s can be found mostly around East London, but sometimes on the move around the city and other regions. Specialising in unique macaroni and cheese recipes, the stand has made it all the way to Somerset for Glastonbury festival with a selection of styles and their very own cookbook. Some variations to keep an eye out for are The Spicy Juan with jalapenos and chipotle, and the Kanye Western with homemade BBQ sauce and crispy onions.

Born & Raised – Born & Raised have been serving at Street Feast events around London, and also on the move from their converted Land Rover Defender. Their wood-fired pizzas are superb with high quality ingredients and innovative flavor combinations, such as Cobble Lane Pig Heart Pepperoni and the use of beetroot dough to give the base a distinctive colour.

Myo Pizza -  Myo pride themselves on maintaining an authentic taste to their pizzas and stone baked focaccia slices. Through adoration of their food, they have recently started a catering service for private dinner parties or summer gatherings. Whilst in keeping with a traditional menu, Myo also dabble with a few more bespoke foods, such as fried risotto balls and Piada, “the Italian wrap”.

Fundi Pizza – Brothers Charlie and Rory use their bespoke, hand built wood-fired oven to cook passion into every single pizza. Their classic Neapolitan style pizza is a popular choice for their customers, whilst also offering Margherita and Pepperoni options.

Noble Espresso – The coffee specialist can be found at King’s Cross Station, and if you’re like many others, you will have fallen in love with their cappuccinos already! Outside of the variety of hot drinks, breakfast pastries are also an option to keep you going through the week. 


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