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The Best Souvenirs from Italy

Don’t go home empty handed! We share the best products to take home with you from a trip to Italy


You will discover all kinds of artisanal treats on your holidays to Italy. Make sure to pick up the most notable items on the souvenir checklist and take a little slice of the country home with you!


Italian extra virgin olive oil -  An abundance of fresh bottles can be bought with a fresh olive flavour. The taste varies from bottle to bottle, as the aging process plays a large part in flavouring the oil. Be sure to drizzle atop a plate of our very own Tender Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli.


Limoncello – A delightfully sweet lemon-flavoured liquor to enjoy after supper. Limoncello is efreshing and zesty and a great way to complete a meal. We recommend picking up a bottle from the southern regions of Italy, as a vast amount of the lemons used to produce Limoncello come from the south.


Regional honey – A selection of organic honeys can be found in a number of regions. Tastes can vary to accompany cheeses, fruits and desserts, so a selection of jars is recommended.   


Modena Balsamic vinegar – Although readily available across the globe, the only place to pick up a bottle of Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena is from Italy itself. Toss a fresh side salad and serve with our Selected Italian Cheeses Ravioli.


Cantucci – These crunchy bites have a sweet almond flavour and are traditionally dipped in Vin Santo. An elegant snack to present to friends or to enjoy when relaxing at home.


Turrone – This nougat treat typically combines the sweet taste of honey with an aftertaste of almond.  Turrone is now widely considered as national confectionery with different flavours, and has even been developed into a popular flavour of gelato.


Italian truffles – These earthy delights will bring a depth of flavour to your home cooking. White truffles are considered the most flavourful and a delicacy. It’s shaved onto dishes or included in salads as a final flourish, whereas black truffles are used as an ingredient for a number of sauces.


Bespoke kitchen equipment – Add a little Italian pizazz to your culinary wares. From European linen napkins to small wooden Italian spoons, coffee pots and Italian crockery.


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