Our Italian Kitchen Table

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3 ways to dress a table like an Italian

Quick tips to give your dinner party that extra Italian flavour

Decorating an Italian-style table is all about a charming, natural design that provides just enough rustic elements to make the display as striking and inviting as possible.


1.     Pick earthy

Whether you're adding a cloth, setting out decorative bowls or choosing a shade for a table lamp, look for pieces that feature earthy colours to give it that added Italian edge. These shades help create a warm, inviting look for your table that is customary in Italian décor.


2.     Natural is best  

One of our top tips is to add a centerpiece for a table, made up of flowers that provide a Tuscan or Mediterranean feel, such as lavender.  Fruit can make a striking display item for your table too – set out a bowl of vibrant lemons, oranges or even grapes to create a simple but attractive centerpiece for your Italian table. Use lemons on the sides of your dish – you could even pop a lemon in some warm water and allow guest to use it as a hand wash.


3.     Make it rustic

One thing that Italians have plenty of is taste, so it’s out with the pretentious and in with the rugged. This is what provides a warm, cozy look, so try decorating with objects that feel slightly rough around the edges. Stone pottery or dishes make ideal accent pieces for your table to give that authentic touch. 

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