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Italy’s Most Famous Vineyards

We share the most delicious wines Italy has to offer


Italy is home to more than 2,000 varieties of grape used to produce Prosecco, Moscato, Chianti and Amarone to name but a few. There are a few vineyards in particular which are renowned for producing a large amount of Italy’s finest wines.

Villa Vignamaggio in Greve, Tuscany is home to expansive farmland abundant with 62 hectares of vineyards. Differing soil conditions are optimised for the different varieties of Merlot, Trebbiano and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties of the fruit among others, the Sangiovese occupying 82% of grape growing coverage of the farm.

The home of Barolo lies in Alba, Piedmont where Ceretto Aziende Vitivincole hosts an ecologically sustainable vineyard renowned for the exceptional quality of its home grown product whilst respecting the environment in its process. The past two decades has seen this vineyard produce a number of award-winning wines.

With a plethora of bottles to choose from, it can be a tough feat trying to decide which best to accompany supper with. Click here to see Giovanni Rana’s tips on partnering Italian pastas with a selection of reds.

Our recipe for making an Amarone reduction to accompany our Italian Indulgence Succulent Chicken with Rosemary Ravioli will inspire you to try a selection of wines in your home cooking.


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