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Giro d'Italia - Italy’s answer to the Tour de France

A monster race across 3,383 km of Italian countryside


The Giro d’Italia is Italy’s answer to the Tour de France. Starting in Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, the race will pit international cyclists against each other through the Alps and challenging Calabrian terrain on a 3,383 km battle to cross the finish line in northern Italy.

The race will be split into 21 stages of 161 km, with seven of these through the Italian mountainside. Last year’s winner, Alberto Contador from Spain, will not be returning this year to defend his title. As a result, Vincenzo Nibali, who won back in 2013, is the favourite to claim the lead in the 99th edition of the race.

The competition takes place 6th - 29th May, with seven sprint stages, three time trials and nine summit finishes. The popularity of the competition truly resonates across the nation as Italians glue themselves to the nearest TV screen to watch the race unfold.

The fastest cyclist will be crowned victorious on Sunday 29th after a final 150 km push to the finish line in Turin. Be sure to catch the heart-stopping show over the three-week period.


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