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La Mille Miglia: Annual vintage car circuit race in Italy

A vintage car race spanning the length of the country since 1927


Quite literally translating to ‘a thousand miles’, La Mille Miglia is an annual vintage car circuit race at the centre of Italy, and is often named by fans of the show as the most beautiful race in the world. The original series ran between 1927-1957 when it was cancelled after major safety concerns, and then reborn in 1977.

The race pays homage to the automotive heritage of Italy with 375 exclusive vehicle models taking part, with the prestigious names of Alfa-Romeo and BMW claiming victory on several occasions.

The locals claim that fuel runs through their veins due to their excitement for the race year after year. This year’s event will run from 18th-22th May, starting in Brescia riding down the east coast to Rome and back again.

The evening before the race sees competitors arrive at the Palazzo della Ragione to perform a lap of the square in pre-emptive celebration of the next few days ahead. The following days will see an injection of energy as racers roar through the hills of central Italy in a battle to secure first place.

Keep on the look out for the most thrilling race through the picturesque landscape and cobbled streets of Italy this summer.


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