Our Italian Kitchen Table

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The wonders of the Italian breakfast!

Breakfast in Italy remains true to the nation’s sought-after signature style: simple, effortless and always tasteful.

Prima Colazione: The quintessential Italian breakfast is a sweet affair, accompanied by a strong cappuccino or espresso to kick-start the day.

Italians often take their breakfast in a local bar, a moment of pleasure to prepare for the day ahead. Italian cafés are laden with cornetti: a little croissant-style pastry filled with fruity jam, chocolate or cream, the most popular on-the-go breakfast choice. They sure beat a rushed toast-with-butter job any day.

In Italy, cake for breakfast isn’t just reserved for those bleary post-party mornings. Biscuits dipped in milk? A favourite with kids and adults alike. The popular fette di biscottate, these unique shop-bought ready-cooked-toasts are another hassle-free breakfast option; there’s no morning squabble over the toaster in the Italian household.

That’s not to say breakfast is identical everywhere. In each town, you will find an exciting array of regional specialties. One of our big favourites is buttery brioche dipped in sorbet – a tradition in Sicily; fried pancake with pecorino cheese and drizzled honey in Sardinia; sweet buns filled with cream in Lazio; Italy’s abundance of mouth-watering breakfast treats should be enough to get you booking an impromptu flight to the Mediterranean. 

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