Our Italian Kitchen Table

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Enjoy wonderful Italian Antipasti at home

Hosting doesn’t have to mean a complex, three-course culinary affair, instead channel some Italian flair and throw an antipasti party!

Indulging in a vibrant antipasti platter is a cherished moment in Italy and is only eaten when there is the time to sit back and enjoy.

Traditional antipasti usually involves a simple selection of cured meats, cheese and good quality wine but, if you want to dress it up, create a large sharing board of small plates that boast bold, Mediterranean flavours.

Grilled veg with creamy burrata cheese; ripe vine tomatoes with a generous dollop of nutty pesto; juicy nocciola olives and salty salami; sweet figs and prosciutto ham drizzled with balsamic glaze; roasted garlic with marinated red peppers and a slice of fluffy focaccia to mop up all the lovely juices – done right, there really is no beating a colourful array of flavoursome antipasti, perfectly complemented by a glass of vino.

Entertaining friends with an antipasti party is a fabulous way to inject a dose of la dolce vita into your weekend. 

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