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Celebration of the Romeo and Juliet balcony in Verona

Verona is renowned for its architectural heritage, but perhaps one of its most famous sites is the house of Shakespeare’s Juliet, and the famous balcony where Romeo declared his undying love. A treasure dating back to the thirteenth century, the City of Verona bought the house from the dell’Capello family in 1905. After the addition of the balcony in the twentieth century, the Casa di Giulietta swiftly became a tourist sensation for hopeless romantics lusting after the promise of eternal love. 

Legend has it that stroking the bronze statue of Juliet will bring good luck to those still searching for that special someone, and sticking a love note on the narrow arches of the courtyard could bring forth your mystery Romeo. If the enduring literature of Shakespeare is still inspiring the hopes and dreams of star-crossed lovers across the globe, perhaps modern romance isn’t dead after all?

From Elizabethan audiences to modern British society, Verona has long been perceived as an exotic city of love. A short tour around its historic center will show you why: it is a town peppered with notable sites from Shakespeare’s tragic tale of forbidden romance. Minutes away from Juliet’s humble abode, you will find the Medieval castle-like home of the Montecchi family, widely believed to be the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Montagues. The notorious literary duel between Romeo and Tybalt is set at the Borsari Gate, while the San Francesco al Corso monastrey houses Juliet’s tomb, where the famous couple took their final breaths.

As Italy is so synonymous with passion and honour, there really is nowhere more fitting than Verona to serve as the setting for the most powerful love story of all time. If you want to truly absorb the Shakespeare magic for yourself we recommend you stay at boutique guest house, the "Sogno di Giulietta”, just steps away from Juliet’s balcony.  

Via Cappello, 23, 37121 Verona VR, Italy, tel: +39 045 800 9932 http://www.sognodigiulietta.it

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