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New Year’s Eve in Italy

Just like the rest of the world, the end of the New Year is an occasion celebrated in huge fashion in Italy.

La Festa di San Silvestro falls on the 31st on December, and like most festivals in the country, food is at the heart of the event. It is common for friends and family to gather for a large meal on this day. The staple ingredients of this meal include lentils and cotechino, a type of Italian sausage. These represent wellbeing, good fortune and health for the New Year.

Local piazzas will gather together for a communal fireworks show, just like in the UK. You can find the most impressive fireworks shows in Naples with the largest display in Italy. Many places host live music for dancing before the show.

Prosecco is the drink of choice for the turn of the New Year. A slightly outdated tradition would be to throw old belongings out of the window to show your acceptance of changes at the turn of the year. It is said that wearing red underwear on the night can bring you luck, so get your outfit ready and celebrate the Italian way! 

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