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Top 3 Italian Movies You Must See!

Italian cinema offers some of the most entertaining screenings in the world! From Oscar winners to ones that will tug at the heartstrings, here are just a few of the best Italian movies.

La Grande Bellezza

The Oscar winner starring the timeless Toni Servillo as he celebrates his 65th birthday after years of lavish nights out in Rome. The Italian comedy-drama film tells the story of a once young socialite named Jep Gambardella enjoying the fortune made from the successful novel written in his twenties finally retires, walking through the city to reminisce on his life and loves with a sense of dissatisfaction.

Il Postino

When exiled, Cuban poet Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret) arrives on a tiny Italian isle. Mario (Massimo Troisi) is hired as a postman. His job is simply to deliver Neruda's daily mail. The film blossoms into a love story between Mario and café working Beartice Russo (Maria Grazia Cucinotta).

La Vita è Bella

La Vita è Bella won 3 Oscars and tells the story of a Jewish shopkeeper living in 1930s Italy. Guido falls in love with a beautiful woman, the two are happily married until Germany occupy Italy. The films develops into a story of a father helping his son survive the horrors of war confined to a Nazi lager.

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