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Winter Desserts in Italy

Indulge this winter with a slice of some of the finest desserts Italy has to offer!

Pandoro -The name directly translates to “Golden Bread”. It is shaped like an eight pointed-star which is dusted with icing sugar and vanilla so to resemble to the Italian Alps before serving. Pandoro originates from Verona but is enjoyed in every region; it’s a typical Christmas dessert along with Panettone, whose original recipe is from Milano.

Struffoli - Struffoli are small, deep fried balls of dough most commonly served over the Christmas period. After having been fried, honey and orange rind are added to the top and it is decorated with different colours and sugar. It is a Neapolitan dish also known as scallili is Calabria and cicerchiata in Abruzzi.

Rococo – These hard biscuits have a doughnut-like shape and are often filled with almonds, orange peel and orange zest. At Christmas time, it is traditional to accompany Rococo with a drink of Limoncello.

Torrone – You may know torrone under the name nougat. Several variations exist within Italy, ranging in flavour and texture. The most common types contain hazelnuts or almonds with essences of vanilla and citrus fruit. Torrone di Benevento is the oldest form of the dessert, predating Roman times! 

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