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Vegetables in Season

Winter sees some of the more interesting vegetables come into season. Mix up your menu at home and make sure you include some of the most delicious choices of vegetable over the next few months!

Violet Artichokes - These vibrant artichokes will start popping up at the start of this month and are in fruition until February. Their distinctive spiny violet shapes will catch your eye at local markets and are on the list of things to try over the winter period!

Cavolo nero -This super food cavolo nero is the popular loose-leafed cabbage from Tuscany. Its leaves are a very dark green, almost black, with a tangy, bitter flavour and a sweet aftertaste. It is a popular ingredient in many classic Italian soups such as Ribollita and Minnestrone.

Radicchio – The iconic red and white leaves of this vegetable only come around in the winter. Similar to the shape of a cabbage, radicchio is used in salads or can be grilled and cooked into risotto. The most commonly known radicchio is the Tardivo with a strong, bitter taste.

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