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Suvereto Wild Boar Festival

In the province of Tuscany lies a small town named Suvereto in the region of Livorno which celebrates the wild boar like nowhere else on the globe. The annual Wild Boar festival happens at the end of every year and is the perfect place to try delicious wild boar dishes amongst other local products such as Tuscan wines and syrups such as honey and extra virgin olive oil.

The festival starts on the 10th of December this year when the usually peaceful town comes alive for the week. Restaurants adapt their menus to feature the flavour of wild boar, otherwise known as cinghiale. At first, the boar hunting was the region’s answer to controlling a growing wild boar population, currently standing at 150,000 in Tuscany. Overtime, the hunt became somewhat of a tradition and is now celebrated as a winter hobby.

The locals take a big part in the festivities, dressing up in medieval costumes with the fun culminating in a big party on the last day with historic re-enactments and exhibitions. In the lead up to Christmas, the festival is a great communal event to bring the locals together to celebrate their delicious locally-sourced foods.

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