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Bologna Christmas Markets

For two months spanning the festive season, Bologna becomes one of Italy’s most popular markets to visit to get into the Christmas spirit. But what makes Bologna special?

Bologna’s Christmas market is one of the oldest in Italy, dating back to 1796. The market is actually split up into two across the city: The Fiera di Natale market is based in front of the San Pietro Cathedral and the Antica Fiera di Santa Lucia in the church of Santa Maria dei Servi.

Food is a key part of the market, in particular torrone, a speciality nougat sweet. Mouth-watering treats can be found at just about every corner with marzipan fruits and dark chocolate-covered citrus peel snacks being the most popular choices. Figures for the Nativity crib are also famously made here and you’ll be greeted at every stand with a ‘Buon Natale’ across the seasonal market.

Bologna’s famed Christmas arcade runs into the new year and ends on January 6th, be sure to pay it a visit before it closes for the season! 

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