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The Italian Opera Season

December is the perfect time to check out some of the finest Italian opera and classical music. Here are just a few not to miss over the month:

·      Three Tenors at the Chiesa di S. Paolo Entro le Mura, Rome – Until the 18th December, the operatic trio will be performing at the church of S. Paolo Entro le Mura. The building was constructed with acoustics in mind and is the perfect setting to catch the Three Tenors.

·      Vivaldi le Quattro Stagini at the Chiesa Anglicana All Saints, Rome – Otherwise known as the Four Seasons, the Concerto barocco di Roma quartet will play Vivaldi’s violin concerti inspired by the sounds of nature on the 3rd and 29th of December.

·      Prima delle Prime at La Scala Theatre, Milan – On the 2nd December, one of the most beautiful opera houses in Milan will introduce the playbill of acts scheduled for December. The event is free and you can find out the schedule for the venue and even join in conversations with experts in the field of opera. Hurry though, there are only 150 seats for attendees, first come first served!

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