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Traditional pasta fillings

Here’s what makes your favourite filled pastas delicious!


Filled pasta is an Italian staple, and for good reason. Some combinations match perfectly and have been enjoyed together for years. We’re bringing you some of the best varieties of tortellini, ravioli and more - with a little insight into how they’re made.


Some conventional fillings perfectly partner flavours as with the fresh yet creamy bite of spinach and ricotta. The two ingredients are pounded together and cooked to make some of the most delicious varieties of ravioli. This flavour has become a traditional option due to its ease of preparation and has even seen its way into the likes of cannelloni. With a delicate taste, the filling is often coated with a butter and sage dressing for a more intense flavour.


Meats are also a choice pasta filling across Italy. Tortellini is the most common pasta shape to be used with meat recipes, and they're perfect to enjoy in a good broth of chicken. Meat gives a depth of flavour to the pasta which is unmatched by any other ingredient. Why not try it yourself with our Simply Italian Rich Bolognese Tortelloni? Top with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano for a little taste of heaven.


Whichever filling is your favourite, there’s a whole world of flavor with endless choices. Why not even try the new additions to our filled pasta range? Click here for more on the likes of our new Slow Roasted Beef & Mushroom in a Red Wine Ragu.


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