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Traditional Italian soups and stews

Keep yourself warm this winter with a hearty bowl of Italian soup!


In the colder weather, traditional Italian broth is a great mealtime choice to keep you warm. Here are some suggestions on what soups and stews to make this winter to keep out the cold.


Brasato al Barolo is renowned as one of the best dishes in Piemontese cooking. A 24 hour marinating process combines the flavours of braised beef, wine, broth and many spices to create a stew loved across the region. Given by the name, Barolo is a key ingredient in the recipe which is why the stew is considered a luxurious treat in the colder months. However, cheaper and similar tasting alternatives may be used. Classic side dishes include polenta or potatoes with a small spread of butter and a drizzle of lemon juice. The stew must be cooked in large batches due to the Brasato being harder to cook in small amounts, making it the perfect stew choice for a gathering of family and friends.


Minestrone is a popular and traditional Italian soup. With a thicker consistency than a typical broth, the soup is made from beans, onions, celery, carrots,tomatoes, greens and any other vegetable available as well as a vegetable stock used for the base flavour. As an inexpensive meal, it is a very common choice in the countryside of Italy and has become a favourite in England as well.


This winter, why not try the perfect lunch time dish for the weekend? Giovanni Rana’s tortelloni in brodo, our parcels of Rich Bolognese Tortelloni in a chicken broth! Just follow the simple recipe on our website.


Take home some of these ideas and make sure you cook up a big batch to see you through until springtime! 


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