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Tuscany Olive harvest

Take advantage of the olive season this November


If any region of Italy loves the flavour of olive oil, it’s Tuscany. November marks the start of olive harvesting season in the areas of Mugello, Maremma and Chianti when families and friends join together in groups to go olive picking and to press them into extra virgin olive oil. It is at this time of the year that you can find some of the best olives from all around the country.


The exact beginning date for harvest can differ between varieties of olives as well as being dependent on climate and temperature. The season will typically run into the middle of December when olives will be picked before they begin to fall from the tree for optimum texture and ripeness. It is common for large groups to head out together and harvest as a social activity, also helping to gather the maximum yield possible. Typically, a large net will be placed under the tree to gather falling olives which have been picked using either pliers or bare hands. These olives will then be transported to baskets or buckets for mobility.  


A lot of labour goes into olive picking, which is why every farmer appreciates a helping hand. It has become custom for locals to help nearby farms to harvest, as 100kg of olives yields around 16kg of oil.


Pick up a pale this November and get involved this olive harvest! 

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