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Vin brulé: The drink of the season

The warm and festive drink you simply must try


A warming drink is much needed during the winter months. Luckily there’s an Italian equivalent to mulled wine for you to try.


The name of the drink differs from country to country: in the UK it is known as mulled wine and in Germany it is known as Glühwein. The Italian version, Vin brulé, is actually a French name, and oddly in France it is known differently as vin chaud. Regardless of the multitude of names, the drink is adored all over Europe over the winter months.


The tradition of spicing wine dates back to ancient Greece and a wine named hippocras. Where recipes have evolved over time, the love for a warming alcoholic beverage has stayed strong. The name translates directly to ‘burnt wine’, which emphasises its warming flavours.


Nowadays, the wine is allowed to boil for a significant amount of time allowing sugar to melt into the liquid and the alcohol to begin to evaporate. Spices such as star anise and cinnamon are common ingredients to add heat to the drink as well as citrus fruits such as lemon and orange.


Vin brulé has become more widely known as a drink to enjoy during the Christmas period over the years. It’s the perfect drink for the colder months in the comfort of a lovely warm home and is most popular in the northern regions of Italy such as Piedmont.


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